BA Printing & Publishing Services specialises in the production of high quality paper back and hard cover books for first-time and experienced authors.

We have established great relationships with authors over the years assisting them to bring their manuscripts to life.

BA has the digital and offset printing solution to fit a variety of budgets and publishing timelines. Short Runs as small as 1 copy to long run quantities up to 10,000.

Handling your job comprehensively in-house guarantees you confidentiality, less handling, realistic lead times and most importantly a quality job.

Contact our office anytime to arrange an obligation free consultation to discuss your publishing requirement, view the wide range of samples in our showroom and chat with our creative staff regarding cover design and layout.

Now that your books are complete, the real challenges of publishing must be met head on.

BA Printing & Publishing Services works closely with authors and publishers to implement highly effective pre- and post-publication marketing and distribution service plans; an integral part of any publishing project.

BA can register your ISBN Number & Barcode for you also. We can also assist with proof-reading and editing, cover design and layout.

The perception that Self-publishing is only for Authors who cannot strike a publishing deal is not necessarily the case. Authors now realise that Self Publishing gives them full control over their master piece.

Why rely on a publishing company to promote your book for minimal return when you can get involved and take advantage. No one is going to have a better understanding and be more passionate about your book than yourself, let BA give you the direction and confidence you need to get your book out there.